Learn to Swim: Stage 4

Our swimmers advance to the next stage when they can confidently demonstrate every swimming skill at their level. We are proud that our swimmers can demonstrate sound swimming skills without hesitation. When all the swimming skills are achieved, we celebrate success with a certificate and badge!

Developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all swimming strokes and swimming 10 metres to an able standard.

Stage 4 Swimming Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy
  2. Perform a tuck float for five seconds
  3. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of three) whilst floating at surface
  4. Push and glide from the wall to the pool floor
  5. Kick 10m backstroke (one item of equipment optional)
  6. Kick 10m front crawl (one item of equipment optional)
  7. Kick 10m butterfly on front or back (one item of equipment optional)
  8. Kick 10m breaststroke on back (equipment optional)
  9. Kick 10m breaststroke on front (equipment optional)
  10. Perform on the back a head first sculling action for 5m in a horizontal position
  11. Travel on back and roll in one continuous movement onto front
  12. Travel on front and roll in one continuous movement onto back
  13. Swim 10m, choice of stroke is optional