I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that my daughter is now a different child - as far as swimming is concerned anyway! She’s a world away from the nervous little person who started lessons with you at the start of 2018 - she now loves swimming and has swum so much over the summer hols that she managed 4 lengths of the big pool. And thanks to her big cousins on holiday, she’s even diving in to the deep end (under supervision of course!) We’ve enrolled her for stage 5 with Sonny and the first lesson went really well. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for helping her get her confidence back - without those early lessons up at RUH and your gentle and fun approach I’m absolutely sure she wouldn’t be as happy in the water as she now is!
As a novice with swimming, I would advise anyone who may want to learn to have Kelly as an instructor. Kelly skilfully breaks down the communication for one’s understanding. Additionally, she breaks any barriers that may hinder the progress of the individual. Her swimming sessions are tailored to one’s capability. She uses simple techniques to teach one how to swim. She is kind, encouraging, always giggling, patient and a pleasure to have her as an instructor. I never thought I could swim as an adult but I am.
Barbara Sowety
Kelly’s expert tuition has taken me from a non- swimmer to intermediate swimmer in 6 months. Her intuitive and encouraging manner of teaching has enabled me to conquer my fears in a way I would never have believed possible. I would highly recommend Kelly as a swimming teacher.
Julie Blackman
After reaching my 40's I decided it was time to learn to swim, I have a 3 year old daughter who we take to the pool and I didn't want her to pick up on my fear of the water. I plucked up the courage and booked 1 to 1 swimming lessons with Kelly at Swim Central and haven't looked back. Right from the beginning Kelly made me feel confident, pushed me to keep trying and suggested different methods when she saw I was struggling. I can now swim front crawl, have been at the deep end of a pool (never thought that would happen!) and happily take my daughter swimming without any fear. Kelly is an amazing patient instructor and I would 100% recommend her to anyone.
Cassi Gough
I have really enjoyed my swimming lessons with Kelly. When I first started it had been a long time since I had been in a swimming pool and I was very nervous of the water and putting my face in, but with Kelly's patient and encouraging manner, and clear instructions I cannot believe how much more confident I am in the water.
Kelly is a fantastic swimming teacher - she helped me overcome my fear of swimming very quickly and I am now becoming much more confident putting my head under water and breathing. I am certain I could not have made such good progress without Kelly's support. Her lessons are fun, with loads of practical advice and tips and lots of encouragement.
Elsa has insisted on a bath tonight to practice froggie legs (bless!) and then ended up in tears because she didn't dare put her face in the water but wanted to "challenge herself" (her words, she didn't get that from us!). She did get her chin and over her nose in (but not eyes even with goggles on), which I think is awesome! Oh and she wants a bath every night (usually twice a week) so she can practice, I love that she is so enthusiastic!
Alice Hoyle
Rufus really enjoyed his swimming lessons, so thanks so much! I was amazed to see him having a go at everything, and he told me that his favourite thing about the lesson (other than playtime!) was when he put his face under the water....which I have never seen him do before so willingly :)
Thanks so much for giving Mia such an excellent start to her swimming. We are proud and impressed with her progress. I am hoping to cram in a couple of sessions with both of my rascals over the holidays so that progress for both children continues.
Clare Webb
Thank you so much for all you have done, you are such a lovely teacher! My son now enjoys going into the pool, and he is really determined to tackle the swimming …
Both of our children have been taught to swim by Kelly and we all think that she is brilliant. She relates really well to the children and deals with a whole range of abilities fantastically. She really holds their interest and maintains good behaviour despite never having to get cross or raise her voice. Thomas and Emma have made really good progress from children who were a bit afraid of the water to children who are now able to swim much better than me and who most importantly really enjoy it. She is also really well organised, the progress reports are appreciated Kelly has always been very helpful and efficient during the booking process.
Tim and Lucy Hewson
Kelly has had a huge positive impact on my daughters through her incredible swimming lessons. My eldest daughter was very nervous around water and was hesitant to go into a pool and now she is fully confident and loves swimming, it has increased her confidence in and out of the pool. The impact of having a continuous swimming teacher cannot be under estimated it makes the world of a difference.
Rachel Sayles
Our two girls couldn’t be happier learning to swim with Kelly. She’s kind, patient and professional – the perfect teacher for children who thrive with a gentler approach to teaching. They’ve come on in leaps and bounds!
Jess Fenghali-Brown
Kelly at Swimcentral has been an amazing swimming teacher for our two boys. She has a natural way with the kids, an inventive and fun approach, and never loses enthusiasm despite back to back classes. Both of our boys look forward to swimming with Kelly and have gained both a huge amount of confidence in the water, and real swimming skills. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
Katie and Rob McGowan
You are doing wonderful work with the children; Thomas is enjoying his swimming lessons very much. As you have noticed and mentioned in the report he needs to think, and work out something, before he can actually do it ... nevertheless he is very determined about learning to swim!
I wanted to say a big thanks for your amazing teaching and getting the twins so far with their swimming.
Sarah Nicholson