Swimming lessons for children ages 4+

A safe, friendly swimming introduction for adults and children

Developing confident swimmers

Learn to Swim is a clear, structured swimming programme with 7 stages. We teach the nationally recognised plan for swimming developed by Swim England.

Each swim stage includes water safety and swimming skills. These skills are essential for developing confident and happy swimmers.

  • 30-minutes of structured swimming
  • Classes for adults and children
  • Clear instruction from experienced instructors
  • Parents welcome to observe from poolside
  • Personal feedback from your swimming intructor

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Individual support – small class sizes

With positive encouragement and clear communication from their swimming instructor, swimmers learn key skills quickly. That’s why we keep our class sizes small.

With only six swimmers in a class. We will give individual attention – every swimming lesson.

Get involved!

Parents can play an active role in increasing swimming confidence. We invite you to watch our swim sessions, learn the teaching points and try them out yourself in the pool! Regular trips to a swimming pool are a great way to build confidence and develop skills.

The most important factor for us is that each swimmer learns to enjoy swimming by having fun. You should improvement over the course of your swimming lessons and receive regular feedback from your instructor.

Swimming is a skill for life

Our swimming instructors deliver lively sessions that encourage swimmers to learn for themselves in a positive environment. We refresh our swimming lesson plans regularly; employing a variety of techniques to interest swimmers and keep them warm and active in the water.

Advance with confidence

Our swimmers advance to the next stage when they can confidently demonstrate every swimming skill at their level. We are proud that our swimmers can demonstrate sound swimming skills without hesitation.

We want to develop confident, independent swimmers who enjoy being in the water.

There are seven stages of the Learn to Swim programme. We currently teach stages 1-2 in a heated pool. Stages 3-7 are taught in an active pool, 20 metres long.

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