Are you ready for the #goggleschallenge?

In a partnership with Bath Mums, Swimcentral are running a “Goggles Challenge” this month, where the children in our swim school will put goggles to the ultimate test.

The Goggles

On Saturday, six of the children in our swimming lesson were given pairs of Aquasphere, Zoggs and Speedo goggles which have been designed for children between 4 and 8 years old.

They were given out at random to keep until the challenge is over (unless of course they are awful!!)

The Challenges

So what are the challenges taking place over the next four weeks?

The Big Chase
How misty do your goggles get after exercise?

Comfy Goggles
Can you wear the goggles for the whole lesson?

Underwater adventures
Jumping and diving to collect treasure from the bottom of the pool (the leaking test).

The ‘Epic’ factor!
A score for overall greatness

How does it work?

The children will be asked to score their goggles and then there will be a final vote to decide the winner!

Parents have a chance to join in as well and have their say on what they think of the goggles.

Everyone will have their photo taken whilst wearing the goggles and they will be posted online on Bath Mums website and here on our own blog.

A big thank you to everyone who has signed up to this challenge!

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