Swimmer of the week

Swimmer of the week!

This week goes to Lilly.

Lilly in Rachael’s stage 3 class at 10am, Prior Park on Sundays. Lilly was really brilliant the last time she swam. Really focused.

Lilly made big circles with her legs, she turned out feet and had a very good start with the arms of one stroke breathing.

Congratulations Lilly, super work!

Fun and games this half term

Squid tag

Can you catch the squid?

How to play

  • Swimmers sink down and push from the wall while the ‘fisherman’ tries to catch the squid.
  • When tagged, the squid become fishermen
  • The last squid left becomes the new fisherman in the next round.
Will you be the last squid to get caught?
Squid tag

Follow the leader

Keep your eyes on the swimmer in front!

How to play

  • Swimmers take turns being ‘leader’
  • Jump, hop, skip, run and flap!
  • Swimming friends line up behind the leader
  • They copy every move
  • Copy it wrong and they are out of the game
  • Winner is the last person to be caught out!
Keep your eyes on the swimmer in front!
Follow the leader

Motorboats & bubbles

Motorboats -fantastic breathing game to build confidence!

How to play

  • Swimmers pop shoulders in the water and blow their bubbles like a motorboat
  • They race to the other side, either swimming or running
  • Winner is first to reach the end
  • Now, can they be submarines?
  • Get right down low in the water
  • Hold your breath and down we go!
  • Winner holds their breath the longest


You’ll need a partner for this one

How to play

  • Swimmers try and crouch low under water
  • As one swimmer jumps up, the other ducks down
  • Kangaroo…bounce!
  • Now, who can jump the highest?


The Amateur Swimming Association gets a make-over!

ASA are now Swim England

The ASA have changed their name…

Our governing body, the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has changed its name to Swim England. Swim England have re-vamped their website and refreshed the Learn to Swim programme that we deliver.

From September 2017, you’ll see that the outcomes for our swim stages have changed.

Swimcentral will continue to teach this proven swimming syllabus which is now known as the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme

Swim England have modified the Learn to Swim programme

Swim England have made a handful of changes to the syllabus. Some of the outcomes have been modified or made more understandable (which can only be a good thing!)

Learn more about the changes Swim England have made just by clicking here.

Swim England new badges

New swimming badges and certificates

Swim England have also re-designed the certificates and badges. They are bright and colourful and have been chosen with the help of children. The swimming certificates aimed at keeping swimmers motivated to improve their swim skills. To learn more about the new certificates and badges, please click here

What do Swim England do?

Swim England is the new improved national governing body for swimming in England. It helps people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely and compete in all aquatic sports. You can become a member of Swim England for free. They provide hints, tips and advice from the experts about how to get more from swimming. It is aimed at the 11 million adults in England who swim regularly to help them develop and discover new ways to enjoy the water.

Swim England strives to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them. Through swim partners like us, they create engaging programmes that enable everyone to be active, have fun and stay healthy through swimming.

Swim England also supports its members, clubs and athletes, and runs qualification and education programmes to develop the workforce. For more information visit the Swim England website.