Swimtots: Level 1

Adult and child swimming lessons for 2+ years

Through singing and playing games, children are encouraged to:

  • Make a supervised safe entry with adult support
  • Kick 2 metres on the back with adult support
  • Float on the back with adult support behind the head
  • Blow bubbles at the water surface
  • Wet the head without submersion
  • Travel without assistance to a floating object

Children wear flotation packs throughout this level and adults must be present in the water at all times. Children discover how to move through the water; promoting independence and encouraging confidence in the water.

Swimmers normally stay in this class for a few terms while they get used to the surroundings and routine. Your instructor will advise you when your child is ready for the next stage. They look for each swimmer to be comfortable in the water and be able achieve all the activities above in a relaxed, happy manner.