Swimming lessons for toddlers

Year-Round Swimming for preschoolers 2-4 years

For Swimtots lessons, we only have 6 children in a class. Lessons are 30 minutes long and cost £12.50 + VAT. A parent or guardian must be in the water with the child.

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Foundation and Improver lessons have 6 children in a class. The teacher is in the water with the children. During the 30-minute lesson, we use fun and games to build water confidence from the first splash! The swimming programme is designed to build a lifetime of loving swimming and being safe in the water.

Confidence boosting, accelerated progress

We love it when a skill or technique comes right – seeing our swimmers take pride in their progress is fantastic – its the most rewarding feeling and what an accomplishment!

Swimcentral swim school takes pride in enhancing the skills and confidence of our swimmers, getting them ready for life with a skill that will always be of benefit to them.

Prolonged interruptions in a swimming routine can impact skill retention and confidence in the water at a critical stage. That’s why we have a 50-week programme (with a two-week break over Christmas). Regular swimming means better progress, improved swim strokes and increased self-assurance.

Practice makes perfect!

The key to success lies in consistency. Regular participation in weekly lessons ensures that our swimmers are continuously building muscles and stamina alongside their fluid swim strokes.

Extra support for the holidays

We recognise the importance of keeping those swim skills going during the summer holidays. Exercise is important all year round, it helps balance our mood and keep the screen-time at bay!

Our swim programme is a way to keep the exercise up. Its especially good for those rainy days when its hard to find something to do. Continuous progress is so important… and if you think you need a little extra boost… we run 2 weeks of intensive Mon-Fri afternoon lessons too!

Advanced and Academy

Advanced (Stage 5), Academy Ready & Academy swimming lessons are for 8 years+. We mix it up for more experienced children, with competitive swim skills, lifesaving and even mermaids! We swim lengths of the pool, build stamina and improve technique with our dynamic sessions, all designed to increase fitness and have fun!
Advanced, Academy and Academy Ready lessons have 8 swimmers.

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Academy swimming lessons

Member Hub

When you join our swimming lessons you will be able to register for the Member Hub where you can:

  • View the outcomes for each stage
  • Track your progress
  • Get notifications when you reach an award
  • Book classes, intensive courses and more

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Not sure which swimming lesson to book?

Want to swim but don’t know where to start? Please contact us for advice (01225 800212 | [email protected]), or try our Find Your Swimming Level interactive guide to help you choose.

Our lessons run for 50 weeks of the year. Membership is Per Month. Prices are pro-rata over 50 weeks. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.