Lisa Sumbler

About Lisa

Swimming is my passion!

I started swimming when I was 4 yrs old with my older brother and I took to the water very quickly. I joined a swimming club in Bristol and was picked to swim in the team galas most weekends.

From swimming in galas this then progressed to competitive swim meets such as the Gloucester Blocks and County Pathway, with my main strokes being freestyle and butterfly. I trained several times a week until my late teens and made many, many friends along the way. My love for swimming has never dwindled. I recently became a Master swimmer for Wells Swimming Club and swam in the Cotswold League Gala as well as for our own club champs.

Swimming indoors and out!

My enjoyment is not only in the pool but for open water and wild swimming too. I have just completed a charity sea swim for the British Heart Foundation which was an amazing experience.

A shared passion for swimming

I have a 16yr old daughter and she shares the same passion for being in the water and is one of our teachers! Her journey as a competitive swimmer gave me so much joy that it inspired me to become a swimming teacher .

An opportunity to share my knowledge

Through my enthusiasm and knowledge of growing up in the pool environment, I engage with each swimmer’s needs and requirements. I build confidence in the water, teach basic water safety and swimming techniques through fun activities and keep lessons interesting for life long experience!