Swimming lessons for adults in Bath

Private swimming lessons offer personal and continuous support as you learn to swim.

  • 30-minutes dedicated swimming instruction
  • Build water confidence
  • Qualified, experienced swimming teachers

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Build water confidence

Swimcentral uses an holistic approach to help our pupils realise a new perspective. We begin with a gentle introduction to water, in a secluded pool with only other learning adults. We do everything we possibly can to help you feel at ease.

We build swimming confidence with gradual exercises and provide constant support.

Learn to enjoy the water and the pleasure of swimming with specialised tuition from Swimcentral, Bath.We introduce relaxation and breathing techniques to release muscle tension and enjoy the water. We employ graduated swimming exercises and provide constant encouragement so you feel supported as you develop those key swimming skills.

Dedicated swimming instruction and support

We have structured swimming tuition which allows non-swimmers to approach the water in a positive way.

One to one swimming tuition means we go at the right pace for you, giving you encouragement and guidance every step of the way. We help to build your swimming confidence and start you learning how to swim – in the right frame of mind.

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