Swimming lessons for adults in Bath

Year-Round Swimming for Adults

Start learning to swim in the best possible way. We understand nerves, we tailor the lesson to what you want to achieve. Build your water confidence and skills with us, brave the water or dive right in – we’re ready to help support you. Anything is possible with our small class sizes and dedicated teachers.

We offer:

  • Beginners and intermediate lessons
  • Advanced, training sessions to get you fit and build stamina

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Beginners adult swimming lessons have 4 in a class. Your teacher will first chat to you about your previous experience and what you’d like to get out of your lessons. Then we focus on what you want ot achieve and go from there. It takes time to gain a new skill, give yourself time to learn and practice – it will be so, so worth it!

A warm and friendly environment to learn

We know its nerve-wracking, we’re here to support you – and so is everyone else. We teach from private pools, there is no-one else about, just us teachers and fellow learners. We want to make sure you are comfortable and feel able to feel part of our swimming family!

Be Water Confident – Adults beginner lessons

Regular swimming is the key. Routine lessons and weekly swimming is the path to water confidence. Learn the steps in class then practice them in the pool with a friend to help boost your confidence. You’ll be amazed at how well you do.

You will learn the fundamentals –

  • how to walk the through water
  • floating and buoyancy
  • how to stand up!
  • how to get your head wet
  • Most of all… we tackle the panic

Ready to start? All our courses can be booked online.

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If you can already float, kick or move through the water or if you want to learn how to swim out of your depth then “Adult improver” is your course. If you can swim but want to increase distance, speed and stamina or learn tumbleturns, “Adult Advanced” is for you.

Be a swimmer – Adult improver lessons

If you are happy to get in the water, can swim a few strokes but then have to stop then this level is for you.

At this stage, you already:

  • have basic stroke(s)
  • are happy to float face-in
  • travel from side-to-side (widths or lengths)
  • are comfortable in deeper water, up to your shoulders

You will learn:

  • Treading water
  • improve basic strokes,
  • learn to breathe properly
  • build stamina and confidence in deeper water

Don’t forget about handstands and picking up sinkers from the bottom of the pool!

If you are nervous of the water, cannot float or have a fear of getting your face wet then please choose “Adult beginner. If you can swim the strokes, but you want to increase distance, speed and stamina or learn tumbleturns, “Adult Advanced” is for you.

Be a better swimmer – Adult advanced lessons

For adults who want to swim effortlessly. Smooth, seamless strokes you can be proud of.

  • Learn more efficient strokes.
  • Learn how to dive and tumble turn
  • train for an event and swim laps of the pool.

We improve:

  • breathing techniques, timing and swim skills.
  • We develop your strokes with coaching tips to build stamina and speed
  • open doors to try activities you never thought you could try!

Please choose ‘Adult improver‘ if the Advanced course seems too much for you. If you are nervous of the water or have a fear of deep water then please choose ‘Adult beginner‘.

Not sure which class?

Want to swim but don’t know where to start? Please contact us for advice (01225 800212 | [email protected]), or try our Find Your Swimming Level interactive guide to help you choose.

Member Hub

When you join our swimming lessons you will be able to register for the Member Hub where you can:

  • View the outcomes for each stage
  • Track your progress
  • Get notifications when you reach an award
  • Book classes, intensive courses and more


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Our lessons run for 50 weeks of the year. Membership is Per Month. Prices are pro-rata over 50 weeks. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.