Sonny Sandoval

I LOVE Swimming

I enjoy swimming because it is fun, enjoyable and helps me to be the man I am today. Swimming is the best exercise and it’s a relaxing activity that helps me keep going with my busy life. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge in this sport.

To pass your talent and skills to your students is the best achievement a teacher could have. I loved competing in this unique sport because it maximized my true potential and capability to compete with different swimmers. Lastly, if it was not for swimming I would not have been able to finish my college and become a good instructor.

A teacher and a student is like a bond that works together to achieve a common goal. A teacher must possess a great knowledge and understanding in what is swimming is all about. A good student should listen, follow and practice all the necessary exercises so he or she can perform and swim the correct stroke effectively.

About Sonny

My name is Virlon Sandoval, all my friends call me Sonny because I was born during summer time in the Philippines. I always had fun and enjoyed my childhood with my eldest brother and sister. We always swam and went to the beaches which were very close to our residence. While at college, I  competed not only in swimming but in badminton, baseball and sepak takraw. I also enjoyed hiking, climbing and traditional fishing.

Sonny wins a swimming scholarship to University

I studied at the University of Perpetual Help taking a Bachelors of Science in hotel and restaurant management. I was offered a scholarship in swimming which helped my parents’ school expenses. After I graduated from University I was offered a job from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to teach children in swimming. That started my career as an instructor /coach and from that time I went off to many different places to teach the learn to swim program in the Philippines and encourage young children to learn how to swim from different schools.