Jack Simmons

About Jack

I started swimming at quite an early age and was in the water at 2 weeks old, but I didn’t ‘properly’ start swimming until I was about 3. Swimming has always been a massive part of my life. I always loved the lessons and progressing through the stages to get all the certificates and badges, as well making loads of friends.

Swim club and teaching experience

As I got older, and began finishing the ‘stages’ I got a place at my local swimming club and began regularly training and competing. I learnt quickly about the structure and training behind club swimming, as well as many, teaching methods, drills and games. I trained with the club for 5 years, then began volunteering as a coach. I realised I had a passion for teaching and trained to be an ASA level two swimming coach, and lifeguard.

I’ve now been lifeguarding for 5 years, and have been qualified for 2 years.

Jack’s lessons

I think its very important that each lesson is fun and engaging for each swimmer, and that they leave each session feeling happy and confident. I try to structure each lesson around confidence building, general water safety and stroke technique while also including fun activities and games.