Gemma Hipwood

Gemma loves the freedom she gets from being in the water.

Being able to swim confidentially as a child is like having your first taste of freedom.


I was fortunate to been taken swimming frequently by my parents from a young age, attending a local club and swimming every week with school and I thrived on achieving each stage and milestone. Growing up, I was surrounded by peers who either competed nationally for clubs or those who would do whatever they could to avoid getting wet! So I saw the complete divide between water confidence and fear.

Enjoyment of swimming lead her to teaching

My pleasure and enjoyment with swimming lead into employment. I went from assisting in the water with lessons, to lifeguarding and then gaining my level 2 instructor qualification whilst studying. It became a full-time teaching role for groups and 1:1 lessons and throughout my experience I have encountered a range of teaching styles. I  taught toddlers, child improvers and adult beginners before embarking on a complete change of career.

Gemma’s return to swim teaching

Now some years later, I wanted to return to this rewarding and fulfilling employment. As a parent, I fully appreciate the desire for your child to feel safe, happy, flourish and enjoy what they do, while learning a life-saving skill.


I feel I have the ability to adapt to each swimmer’s need whatever their age or level, through a gentle, fun and engaging way. My aim is to install enjoyment and build confidence in the water for the new or improver swimmer and to evoke this sense of freedom I had as a child.