Catch up swim sessions

Our catch up swim sessions are designed to build confidence and improve ability in the water. Perfect for all ages, we offer multiple sessions a week or hour-long booster sessions for those that want some extra practice in the pool. You can book as many sessions as you wish, subject to availability.

Who are Catch Up Swim Sessions for?

Aimed to help 4+ years, youth (8+) and adult swimmers.

All of us find some strokes and techniques easier to master than others and a catch up session during the school holidays is a great way to work on your confidence and even develop whole new techniques or skills. The intense nature of them means you or your child will learn a new skill quickly and they are a great way to get active and have fun during the school holidays.

How long do they last?

Weekly catch up swim sessions

Last for 30 minutes per day and run between two and five days a week, at the same time each day. You can book one or more sessions during the week, however many you need to get the most out of your summer swimming. The sessions are designed to get you confident, keep you moving and improve key skills.  If there’s a specific stroke or skill you want to master in a short period of time, then these courses are ideal for you.

Hour-long booster sessions

An hour’s worth of water skills and stroke development for stage 3 and above. Structured to develop specific skills along the swimmer pathway, these sessions include warm ups, stroke and stamina development. We finish with fun games, rescue skills and challenges to keep our swimmers active and enjoy the water.

When are the catch up swim sessions available?

Available for 3 weeks:

Monday 26th July – Friday 20th August

Book a weekly session or hour-long booster session – mix and match, whatever suits your schedule!