Hydrotherapy pool, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Department F3 – RUH, Bath BA1 3NG

About the location

A BRAND NEW pool! We are so lucky to be back at the RUH in their new hydro pool. The warm water is great for younger children who can move, play and socialise happily without becoming cold.

Gentle water exercise can be safer and more comfortable in a hydrotherapy pool. The soothing warmth and buoyancy of the water makes a safe, ideal environment for gentle exercise and building water confidence.

Water supports the joints to encourage free movement, and may also act as resistance to help build muscle strength.

Children develop water movement skills from the start and we insist upon teaching water safety skills to all our swimmers from the very first lesson.  There are hand rails all the way around the pool for safety and swimmers wear buoyancy aids, such as flotation packs and arm bands while the swimmers build up their water confidence.  The constant depth of the pool means that an instructor is in the water with the children at all times during the class.

Location details

Address & directions

Department F3 – RUH, Bath BA1 3NG The new hydrotherapy pool is based in the Physiotherapy department, Zone F3. Please go to the Brownsword Building to the left of the main entrance.

Pool details

The heated pool is between 32-34°c and approximately 1.2-1.5 metres deep.It is standing depth for an adult all the way round. For lessons involving non-swimmers, your instructor will be in the water with you at at all times.

  • First 20 minutes free
  • 30 minutes – £1.00
  • Up to 2 hours – £3.00
Coffee shop & refreshments
Coffee shop – Atrium Coffee Bar
Opens 9:00am Saturday

  • serving hot & cold beverages, packet sandwiches, crisps, fresh fruit & cakes and pastries
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm – Serving rolls, baguette & sandwiches made to order

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