Aqua Yoga

We can’t say it any better than David…

…David came to an Aqua Yoga session with us and this is what he said:

‘Thanks so much for the opportunity to take up the taster session of Aqua yoga at the RUH Bath hydrotherapy pool. It was a truly fantastic session and felt totally at ease with the group and the instructor who put my nerves at ease instantly. I’ve tried yoga in the past with positive affects …. but after this one session I already felt more flexible as a result of the heat penetrating my joints and muscles. 

Having the hydrotherapy in the pool was far more beneficial for me than standard yoga as it enabled me to stretch more. The feeling of being in the water was also a massive bonus for mindfulness as it felt natural. I like the fact that many of the people attending had just wished to continue in yoga as an ongoing part of their weekly routine sessions as well as some recovering from an injury. I look forward to starting the course next Tuesday and can’t wait to see the continued benefits of the course so that I will be able to continue to road ride and mountain bike. Thanks so much.’

The Bath and Wiltshire Parent also wrote a review of Aqua Yoga here:

What is Aqua Yoga?

Aqua Yoga is just that – yoga practices in warm water. Aqua yoga uses the same poses as practiced on land.

The gentlest of yoga practice as the water supports your weight, giving you the feeling of floating and weightlessness. When standing chest-deep in the water, the water offloads about 70% of your weight and it’s the buoyancy and warmth of the water that enables you to feel more mobile.

It’s perfect for those recovering from an injury or for those with pain.

Your instructor takes you through a series of asana (poses), pranayama (yoga breathwork) and meditation (floating) all informed by yoga philosophy. Some of the poses are completed with a float, while others are done using the wall or floor. You go at your own pace. With the warmth of the water, you’ll be able to relax.




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Hydrotherapy pool, Royal United Hospital, Bath

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